I don't even want to think about it!

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You might not want to  – but you NEED to.

Understandably, this might not be the only worry you have. Other things like school, family, friends, where you’re living, how much cash you have, other health concerns (and more) might be running around in your head. If you’re scared you might be pregnant, then taking a pregnancy test is the quickest way to stop wondering. Only two things will happen once you take a pregnancy test:

            1:         You’re not pregnant. Phew! Take a deep breath and focus on the other bits of your life that are stressing you out. Click here for a link to the contraception page – so this doesn’t stress you out again!


            2:         You are pregnant. Wow! Take a deep breath. It's time to start taking some action so all the other things in your life don’t get more complicated! Take control of your life.

Unfortunately not doing anything isn’t a realistic option. Although it may be appealing!

The longer you wait to put an action into place the trickier it can get.

Click here for all you need to know about pregnancy tests.

Click here for ideas on how to tell your family.


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Thursday, January 29, 2015