Pregnancy Tests

test can cost 300Just so you know as a teenager you don't need a health care card, ID or to be a certain age to buy a pregnancy test. You may want to have someone with you when you buy or do the test, or you may wish to do it alone. This is your choice.

 You can buy a pregnancy test yourself at:                  

  • Supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths (self-check-out is great for some privacy), some IGA’s & Foodworks
  • Pharmacies & Chemists

  Or get a free pregnancy test from a 


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 They are very accurate and there isn’t a need to pee on 10 sticks. All you’ll be doing is wasting your $$

Pregnancy tests measure the hormones in your urine or blood that is made by the developing placenta. This can be traced a few days before your period is due but is more accurately read when your period is actually due.


If you don’t trust the first one, take another. If two say you’re pregnant – two is enough. You can assume you are pregnant. Think to buy a box with two tests in it, this will be cheaper than buying two individual test boxes.

 It doesn't matter if the pregnancy test is cheap or expensive - they will work. Please read instructions carefully – each test is different.

Check the box is in date and doesn’t look damaged. If it is out of date or looks damaged, get a new test.

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One of the first signs of a pregnancy is a missed period, but you don't have to wait until then. A store bought pregnancy test will work 16 days after you had unprotected sex. Some women do not have a regular menstrual cycle and may not be sure if they have missed their period, or know when their period is due.


This being said, the best time to test is when your period is due.

Lots of tests talk about “early results” or “first to detect” – they may be true. But the most accurate time is when your period is actually due. For more information on periods click here or check out Women's Health Queensland Wide.

Testing too early can lead to a false negative. When you do pee on the stick, first thing in the morning is usually best.


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They all do the same thing but in different ways.... read the instructions carefully!


Digital Pregnancy tests:

  • some will come up with a ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’
  • some come up with an estimation of how many weeks you are SINCE CONCEPTION! This is NOT how many weeks pregnant you are.
  • If it says 1-2 weeks, that would mean since conception – you are more likely 3-4 weeks pregnant.

digital 150  

If a pregnancy test says:

   2-3 weeks – you are more likely 4-5 weeks pregnant.

   3 + weeks – you are more likely 5 weeks pregnant.




 An ultrasound is the best way to determine gestation (how many weeks pregnant you are). Or click here for a gestation calendar.


In stream:

instream test 150



 * This one you put in the flow of your urine (literally peeing on a stick). The hormone is measured and depending on the test, lines, smiley faces or a + may appear.

*  Don’t touch the part you pee on… you want that to stay sterile.





Pee and dip:

pee on stick test 150


* This is where you pee in a cup and then dip a test strip in the urine.

* It is very important that you don’t touch the cup too much or wash it before using it. Take it from the packet and use it straight away. You want it to stay sterile.






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These tests are between 97 and 99% accurate if they are done according to manufacturers instructions. False readings rarely occur but they can happen.

False negative can happen if:

  • You may have tried to test too early (before or just as your period is due) and hormone levels are too low to be detected.
  • The test is incorrectly timed. Use a kitchen timer or a watch with a second hand to be sure.
  • The test is used incorrectly.
  • If you drink lots of fluid before taking the test it could dilute your urine to the point where hormone levels are no longer detectible.

If you get a negative result and you still don’t get your period or your symptoms persist, you can either test again in a few days or head to your doctor. It is important to do one or the other!!!!!


False Positive can happen if:

  • Contaminated urine cup (for pee and dip tests). Could have detergent on it, or dirty finger prints.
  • Faulty test (for example, the kit is damaged, past its use-by date or has been exposed to heat or moisture).
  • If you have blood in your urine – might be from cystitis (urinary tract infection) for example.
  • Protein in the urine – could be kidney  damage, for example.
  • Certain medications including anti-convulsants, some fertility drugs, diuretics (fluid pills) and tranquillizers.
  • Recent birth or miscarriage, because a woman’s blood and urine may still contain detectible levels of hCG for a few weeks afterwards.
  • An ovarian tumour or some other type of hormone-producing growth.

Don’t rely on it being a false positive. If it says its positive and you did the test properly, you’re not on any medications, you haven’t recently been pregnant and are generally well, then it is unlikely it is a false positive.

What if?

  • It comes up positive? – don’t need another test. One is enough. Click here for more information on what to do now.
  • It comes up negative? – If your period is overdue – test again in 2 days, if your period is not yet due – wait to see if it arrives. If it doesn’t, test again or head to the doctor.

Check out the myth page for more info about pregnancy tests.

If you have time, there is a cool website with heaps of info called scarletteen, it’s a bit wordier – but it’s a great site too.

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