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When you have lots of things going around in your head, and maybe lots of people’s opinions, remember this is your choice! Decision making is about you taking control of your own life. You have the ability to do this.

Sometimes it is easier to let things slide and bury your head in the sand, but not making a decision isn’t a decision. Hoping for a miscarriage or expecting life to be all happy families is not being active and informed in your own life’s choices!


Here’s one effective way to make a decision:

  • State the problem
  • Gather info
  • Consider the consequences
  • Make the decision

Good decision making is all about getting up-to-date information which covers all options. There are many resources to help you parent, terminate or adopt – knowing those supports can help you make the best decision for yourself. If you want to talk through your options or would like some help walking through the decision making, please contact Children by Choice (07)  3357 5377 or 1800 177 725 if outside brisbane.

Click through the tabs to find a few things that might help you make a decision about the future of your pregnancy.


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I am pregnant and I need to decide what to do.

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Start with what you already know. List the people you know you can turn to for support. You might need further information from any or all of these people:

  • Yourself
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Healthcare professionals
  • School nurse / teacher / guidance officer
  • Credible websites
  • Community resources

Here are some questions that might help you start some conversations.

Ask yourself

How long do I have to make this decision?

What experiences do I have that I can draw upon to make this clearer?

Do I have the right to make this decision? Click here to go to the 'know your rights page'.

How do I feel about this pregnancy? (It is ok to feel lots of things..… scared AND nervous AND excited AND fearful AND curious. They are all valid. And you can feel them all at the same time!)

What are my responsibilities in this?

Do I want to have a baby?

Am I able to support or access support for a child?

What role does the man involved have in my decision making?

What do I want for my future?

How would having a child fit in with that future?

When will I know I have enough information to make a choice?

Whose experiences would be valuable for me to hear about?

If I can’t tell my family and friends, who will I talk to? Click here to go to the 'Useful websites page'


Ask family/Friends

This one might be hard. Remember this could be a time of high stress for other people (maybe your parents) and not just you… everyone might be on edge. So think carefully about who and how you ask these questions. If you want strategies on how to tell your folks, click here.

Are they able to keep this information confidential?

Will they support your decision?

What are their experiences (not opinions) about parenting/adoption/termination?

What kind of support and resources might be available from them? (eg: housing, transport, financial support, emotional support)

Do they know about any other resources? (good doctors/ organisations/ support groups)


Ask healthcare professionals

Talking to doctors can be embarrassing or daunting, especially if you are going on your own or you are still digesting the news yourself. Asking doctors or nurses the questions you have in your head is a really pro-active step in decision making and you should feel proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone. If you feel dismissed or not understood by your doctor it is important that you seek another opinion. There are some amazing doctors out there and unfortunately, there are some that are not great at connecting with young people. Ask your friends if they have a doctor they could recommend?

What are my options?

Can you help me and how can you help me?

Will you provide me with all options information, abortion, adoption and parenting?

If not, can you refer me to someone who can?

What might I have to do to prepare physical for continuing the pregnancy or terminating the pregnancy?

For more extensive information check out our questions for doctors page.


Ask credible websites

What is a credible website?

If you want to talk through your options further, call us, Children by Choice on (07) 3357 5577 or if ourside Brisbane 1800 177 725


& then...


Once you have asked all the questions you have, how about a ‘technology blackout' to give you some time to digest this information? Give your head a rest from surfing the net, or asking your friends, or talking with your mum. Give the information you have a chance to sink in. See how you feel without all that ‘noise’.

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How will you afford your decision?

Will there be people to support you?

Does your location impact upon your decision?

Does the stability of your relationship impact upon your decision?

What resources will be available to you in 6 months’ time?

What impact will your decision have on your education or job?

What things will you have to give up for your decision?

What things will you gain by making this decision?

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Now you have this informationit’s time to make a decision.


Even when you’ve gathered information and considered the consequences, it can still be hard to make a decision. Remember that time isn’t on your side & that indecision isn’t a decision.


There is no right or wrong decision, only the best one for you at this time. A go place to start is to speak with an adult that you trust. This could be a parent, youth worker, an older sibling, auntie, uncle, guidance counsellor or School Based Youth Health Nurse.


This is not a process you have do on your own. If you want to talk through your options or would like some help walking through the decision making, please contact Children by Choice (07)  3357 5377 or 1800 177 725 if outside Brisbane.


Children by Choice's  "Making a Decision" page

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