Parents - how to respond


Rarely is this a conversation you are prepared for. Taking some time to digest this information is a good thing and remind yourself of the courage it would have taken your child to tell you in the first place. Not everyone knows the 'right' words to say in these circumstances, so for some ideas on how to handle this conversation,  click here for the PDF called "help for parents". It has some really good ideas on how manage a tricky conversation like your daughter coming home and telling you "I'm pregnant".

You might also like some support. Please feel free to call Children by Choice on (07) 3357 5377 or if outside Brisbane on 1800 177 725.

Other services like Parentline  Ph: 1300 30 1300 could also be a place you talk through your thoughts about this news.  


Young people:

If you are worried your parents may react badly or you want to help prepare your parents, print out the "help for parents" PDF and give it to them when you decide on a good time to tell them you are pregnant.


Remember parents and young people are human and no one is perfect. You are both doing a good thing by trying to be prepared.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014