Contraception & sex

Myth: You can’t get pregnant if:

  1. you have sex standing up;
  2. the boy is on the bottom;
  3. you have sex in a hot spa or a swimming pool;
  4. you stand on your head immediately after sex;
  5. the girl urinates immediately after sex;
  6. it's your first time & you hold your breath when you orgasm;
  7. you're both virgins;
  8. the guy uses the withdrawal method before he ejaculates;
  9. the girl doesn't have an orgasm;
  10. the guy and the girl don't orgasm at the same time;
  11. the girl pushes really hard on her belly button after sex; or
  12. the girl makes herself sneeze for fifteen minutes after sex.

WRONG! You can get pregnant any time a penis ejaculates in a woman’s vagina.


Myth: Girls can't get pregnant during their period.

FALSE! There is a chance you could get pregnant ANY time you have sex. Sperm can stay alive for several days so that means you could get pregnant. ALWAYS USE PROTECTION.


Myth: Withdrawal is fine, if he pulls out before he cums then I can’t get pregnant.

WRONG! Pulling out or “withdrawal method” should not be used as a form of contraception as there are too many unknowns. Withdrawal method relies so much on your partner knowing when he is about to ejaculate, if the pre-cum that comes out before he ejaculates contains sperm, and whether you trust him to pull out in ‘the heat of the moment’ - not to mention the STI risk!


Myth: My boyfriend hates wearing condoms and promised to pull out, is this ok?

NO! Boys can say quite a lot of things to get their needs met. What is most important is that you feel comfortable. Why don’t you have a think about the pro’s and con’s before you have sex? Here is a great government website on sex called "get the facts" which outlines more about the ' withdrawl method'. In the heat of the moment, it is easier to be persuaded into things if you aren’t clear on your own boundaries. Especially if you’ve been drinking and you’re not thinking as straight as you could be.


Myth: My boyfriend says we don’t need contraception because he’s never used it and never got anyone pregnant before - do I trust that?

NO! What he is saying may be factually correct, he may not have gotten someone pregnant before but that is no reason not to use contraception now. Using effective contraception is the best way to reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy and your risk of getting an STI. You will never know until you’re pregnant if he can get a woman pregnant, and then it’s too late to go back and wear a condom!


Myth: Talking about sex or thinking about/ exploring it before I have a partner is slutty.

Learning about your body and sex is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself. Understanding what you like, what you don’t like, what you feel comfortable with or what scares you can really shape your relationship with yourself and your future partners. It is perfectly ok to research sex, ask friends and family, and/or explore with yourself. There are times and places that make this exploration more appropriate than others. Make sure you aren’t forcing others into a conversation that makes them uncomfortable or it isn’t in the middle of your maths lesson when you should be focusing on something else.

Here is another great article if you want to read a little more.


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