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If you have ever taken a pregnancy test and been relieved that it was negative?  

Then take a look here!!!!

There are a number of ways which you can prevent a pregnancy and contraception is one of the biggest ways. Some methods are more effective than others and some will suit your lifestyle better than others. It is a good idea to become familiar with the options and discuss them with your doctor or school nurse.


Condoms and The Pill aren't the only options anymore. LARC's (Long Acting Reversible Contraception) are methods of contraception that prevent pregnancy for 3 months to 10 years and are reversible. So you can take them out or stop using them and you will regain your fertility again. These options can be useful for those of us who forget things easily (like taking a pill every day at the same time), or move a lot, or have health issues which mean keeping pills down is a problem, or for those who might accidentally get carried away in the heat of the moment and forget to get that condom out. LARC's are devices that are placed in your body, that effectively prevent the sperm and egg from have a party.


Click on this chart, it has a good summary of the options: 


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Family Planning Alliance Australia


Or for more info - these places have a load of info too:


Children by Choice’s website 

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All young people have the right to accurate, confidential information and support regarding their sexual and reproductive health.

This includes contraception.

Whether you are under or over 16, male, female, straight, gay, transgender, or bisexual you are entitled to the same sexual health care services.  Doctors and nurses are legally obliged to keep information given to them by a patient confidential, regardless of their age.


For some contraceptions, such as condoms there is NO AGE RESTRICTIONS. You can purchase these at a supermarket or pharmacy at any age.

For other contraceptions, such as the Pill, they require a script from the doctor. There is also NO AGE RESTRICTIONS on getting a script for contraceptions from the doctors, however a few other factors come into play. The doctor will take into consideration:

1. Gillick Competence - the doctor must trust that you understand the health & lifestyle implications of taking the medication. That you are competent enough to make this decision for yourself,

2. Whether the doctor thinks your parents should be involved in the decision - this will be based around your safety,

3. If you are likely to have sex even if you don't have contraceptives,

4. If your physical or mental health are likely to suffer without contraception. 


Remember you are able to see a doctor without your parents conscent and if you are 15 or older you can get your own Medicare card. If you are 14 or younger, you can write down your Medicare card number or ring the medicare office to get it. See here for more information.


This website has only a brief outline of what types of contraception are available. For more specific information – check out any of these places:

Children by Choice Website

Queensland Government - Sexual Health

Victora Health - Better health channel - Contraception

Personalised Contraception Advisor by Marie Stopes My Best Fit - My Best Fit

Family Planning Queensland website



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Thursday, August 17, 2017