Where Can I Get Help?


Getting money together quickly can be really tricky. Here are a few ideas of how to get hold of some cash.

We understand asking for money is really tricky and sometimes you don’t want to tell people what it is for. That is your right. One suggestion is to think of a story you could give. For example you need money for school or a concert. If you don’t have a trusted person you can tell, this might help you gather more resources together.

  • Ask friends or family for a loan (you don’t have to tell them what it’s for but it might help them make a decision)


  • Ask the man involved for some cash.


  • Contact any support services in your local area. Many offer programs to support young people and can help with loans or emergency money. Click here  for listings of the community supports in your area.


  • If you receive a Centrelink payment, ringing the Social Work team on 132 850 can help, or visit to set up an advanced payment. This is where they give you minimum $400 in advance and you pay it back by through Centrelink until it is repaid.


  • If you pay rent, ask your landlord or rental agency if you can get behind, and make a plan with them about how you will catch back up.


  • NILS (No interest loan scheme) – different organisations have different criteria. Children by Choice loans are a maximum of $300 to low income earners – contact Children by Choice for more information.


  • Do you have anything you can sell or use as leverage at Cash Converters or other pawn brokers?


  • Wage advance – could you ask your boss for your pay in advance? You might need to tell them a little bit about why to help them make a decision.


  • What jobs can you do for friends and family to earn a little extra cash? Mowing lawns, babysitting, cleaning?


  • Negotiate with shops/service providers on price. Look for specials and ask “can I get it cheaper?”


It is really hard to map every organisation that will provide money to support you in a crisis or to know which ones will help with transport, food parcels, information, advocacy and more.


Here are a list of questions to ask services & places to look for support.

When googling for places to help – try these search terms

“emergency relief” + your location eg: Longreach

“food bank” + your location eg: Ipswich

“youth support” + your location eg: Logan


Check out My Community Directory. This site has stacks of community organisations around Queensland. Enter your location or the kind of support you are after and it will bring up a list and a map of those near you.


When ringing an organization here are a few conversation starters:

Them:           “Good morning Children by Choice, Sarah speaking”

You:              “Hi, my name is Jess. I would like to talk to someone about information on pregnancy please”

Them:           “Sure, hold on, I’ll put Grace, one of our counsellors on the phone”


Staff who work at community organization have heard every request before. Feeling embarrassed is normal when you talking to someone you’ve never met, and remember that these staff are professionals and want to help connect you to the right person. Be polite and talk clearly. This will help.


Other questions you could ask are:

You:              “I need some help finding some money for a medical procedure. Is there someone there I can talk to?”

                      “I have just found out I am pregnant and need help working out what to do next. Is there someone there I can talk to?”


If the organisation says they can’t help you, then ask them if they can suggest another organisation that can.


Your guidance officer, school nurse, chaplain or a nice teacher might be a good place to start if you are a bit nervous ringing. They might know a good way to start or even sit with you while you make contact.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014